Online Giving

Online giving is now available through our church website and TouchPoint database!

While logged in to TouchPoint, you can give by accessing your profile. Click on the Giving Tab then the Contributions screen. You will see two buttons at the top; one for recurring giving and one for one time giving.

The “Manage Recurring Giving” button will allow you to schedule regular contributions on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

The “one time” giving button will prompt you to enter a one time gift and designate it to the appropriate fund.

You can also give through our website.  Click Give from the main menu or scroll down to the giving section on the main web page.

For more information on “Why give online?”, click Here.

To view our Frequently Asked Questions, click Here.


Basics for leaders!

Copy of TouchPoint Basics page for Sunday School Teachers and or Church Leaders!

From Michele Linn

Database access:

You should have been sent a login email from Kathy which is valid for only 48 hours.  Please use the email link to login and establish your password immediately.  Once you have logged in, you can return later in order to learn and actually use the program.

Login address is  You will want to bookmark this page for access later.

You can access the following link in order to see what you can do as a leader in the system!

Here is a list of the basics once you log into the system:

Tour home screen: 

Birthdays – System will automatically scan your main fellowship org (Sunday School) and  list anyone having a birthday within the next 15 days.  If you prefer, you can use the track Birthday tag instead and search and add specific individuals to your personal list. (see office for assistance in setting this up).

Tags – You can create your own and track whatever you want. (used for communication ex. Golfing buddies, gun buddies, shopping buddies)

Access profile:

Click on the small silhouette at top or

Click on People Search and enter first 2 digits of 1st, 1st 2 of last – pause while it populates.

Please check your data and let the office know of any corrections.

Badges: household position, campus, membership, connected (part of main fellowship), active attender (10 times in 140 days),

Tab sections: (You can click on each of the tabs to see more information)

Involvement – Organizations to which you are a member or leader (divided by org type)

Ministry – Ministry you have made or received

Attendance -Lists your most recent attendance (attendance is not recorded in the worship service)

Blue tool Bar – (Features vary based on the screen you are viewing).

Email (text messaging currently not available)

Cloud – lists directories and reports available to you based on your access role.

custom reports –

Gear – Tags

The help files are great! You can click on the following link or click on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen. (Enter a specific topic in the search field)

Contact with questions

I am available for training/assistance Wednesday evenings at 6:15 pm (just call to make arrangements.)

Hint: The full Database is mobile friendly. If you use an iPhone and want to access  the db on your phone, go to settings, click on safari, autofill, and slide the names and passwords button to green.  With this setting on, you will be prompted to remember your password when entering it on the sight.  Export the login screen to your home screen and iPhone will create an icon.

An App for mobile devices is available!

You can download the app from the App store or Google apps.  Search for TouchPoint and download Touchpoint Mobile.  You will be prompted to enter our church prefix in order to access our data: fbchenderson

Initially, we will access the free App and features primarily for staff and lay leadership. Over the course of the year, we will add other features: online giving, Registration, Audio, and Video.

The app will allow you to search for contact information, make contact,  and record tasks contacts and attendance.


Forty new believers baptized by fall of this year! Our new database can be helpful to you in reaching out!   Click here to access Brother Todd’s blog for how the vision came together!

If you are new to the database, check out these helpful tutorial videos for all organizational leaders in the Touchpoint system!  The videos will walk you through the email process and show you how to publish your class directory and even create a members only page!